The Gateway Portal is a ordering and reporting platform that connects physicians, patients and pharmaceuticals, and enables them to enter structured data and set up rules to streamline downstream workflows.

Image rotator for Gateway Portal

Test Catalog

  • User permissions
  • Clinical questionnaires
  • Clinical vs research definition

Clinician Portal

  • Multi-user ordering process
  • PDF and HTML format reports
  • Request reclassified reports

Research Studies

  • Set-up enrollment criteria
  • Bulk orders
  • De-identified specimens

User Dashboards

  • Status updates
  • Order and patient centric dashboard with worting and filtering

Patient Portal

  • Notification system
  • Access to patient portal to provide any information and receive results

Pharma Portal

  • Set-up studies and consents to recruit/test patients through multiple sites and connect with patients

Clinical / Family Hx

  • Test or specialty level clinical information
  • Pedigree add or upload

Billing Rules

  • Clinical questions and forms based on payor and test requirements